Setting Up Your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Course, CPD Accredited

Monitors are all types of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

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Setting up your display screen equipment (DSE) 

 CPD Accredited, Interactive Short Course - at just £10.00 pp

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  • 1 hr session
  • Learn how to set up your Display Screen Equipment properly, to avoid chronic musculoskeletal disorders
  • Even more important when working from home
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Tracy Cartwright, Health & Safety

In this session, we will be working together with Tracy Cartwright from Danum Business Solutions Ltd. Tracy is an experienced Health and Safety Consultant, and advices and helps businesses on all matters health & safety related.

Ottilia Pochat, owner and trainer at Pochat Training

Course Contents

  • What is classed as Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
  • Who is a DSE user
  • Illnesses and Injuries caused by the incorrect use of DSE
  • How to set up your workstation so as to avoid injuries and musculoskeletal disorders
  • DSE Assessment Checklist
  • Work routine and the importance of taking breaks
  • Eyes and eyesight testing
  • Identifying training needs
  • Working from home and home working assessments

Benefits of this Short Course:

  • In 2018/2019, nearly half a million people suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders, most of them having suffered from this for a while
  • Though 138,000 of them only started having problems this year
  • These conditions can significantly affect a person's life, and limit their mobility and dexterity
  • This leads to being forced to retire early from work, earn less and have less of a social life

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