Food Safety Recall: Yummys Jelly Cones

Food Safety Recall: Yummys Jelly Cones

yummys jelly cones

Yummys Jelly Cones

Yummy Jelly Cones are being recalled. Because they contain carrageenan (an ingredient which is not permitted in these sweets), these candies could become a choking hazard.


Carrageenan is extracted from red edible seaweeds. Because of their gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties, they are widely used in the food industry - mostly in dairy and meat products, because they bond very well to those food proteins. It is also known as E407 on the ingredients lists of foods.

The European Union has legislation on food additives, and in this, E407 (among other additives) 'may not be used in jelly mini-cups, defined, for the purpose of this Regulation, as jelly confectionery of a firm consistence, contained in semi rigid mini-cups or mini-capsules, intended to be ingested in a single bite by exerting pressure on the mini-cups or mini-capsule to project the confectionery into the mouth'.

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To read the original recall by the Food Standards Agency, click here. To read Tees Ltd's recall on the Food Standards Agency's website, click here. We could not find any information on the recall on Tees Ltd's own website...