Food Safety Recall: Daylesford Organic’s Organic Cottage Pies

Food Safety Recall: Daylesford Organic's Organic Cottage Pies

Cottage Pie

Daylesford Organic's Organic Cottage Pies

Daylesford Organic is recalling some of their Organic Cottage Pies because they have incorrect use-by dates on them (they are by a month out).


The dates are supposed to say '14 December 2018' and '21 December 2019' instead of '14 January 2018' and '21 January 2018'. This means that people will think it is alright to eat them past their real use-by date, leaving them very open to food poisoning...

Daylesford Organic's Organic Cottage Pies Recall


Pack Size

Use By

Batch Codes


Organic Cottage Pie


14 January 2019,

21 January 2019

18120504, 18121204

Food Poisoning

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. To see Daylesford Organic's recall notice on the Food Standards Agency's website, click here. We could not find any information regarding the recall on Daylesford Organic Farm's own website...