Allergen Recall: Sainsbury's Vegetable Sushi Snacks

Allergen Recall: Sainsbury’s Vegetable Sushi Snacks

Allergen Recall: Sainsbury's Vegetable Sushi Snack Packs

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Sainsbury's is recalling their Vegetable Sushi Snack Packs because of incorrect packaging resulting in some containing tuna and prawns. These tuna (fish) and prawns (crustaceans) are thus not mentioned on the packaging.

This could lead to a health risk of those with an allergy to fish and/or crustaceans.

Personally, we'd also think this would be an issue to those who are true vegetarians (as opposed to pescatarian, someone who will not eat meat but will eat fish) and vegans, as the ingredients do not state the tuna and prawns.

The exact product being recalled is Sainsbury’s Vegetable Sushi Snack Pack, SKU number 7796512 with a Use by Date of 28th March 2017.

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here, Sainsbury's customer notice click here and to go to Sainsbury's Product Notices' page, click here.