Food Safety Recall: Booths Mince Pies contain plastic

Food Safety Recall: Booths Mince Pies contain plastic

Contamination Recall: Booths Mince Pies

Mince Pies

Booths Mince Pies

Booths is recalling their Booths mince pies because they may contain pieces of white plastic, making them unsafe to eat.

Types of Contamination

There are four different types of food contamination:

  • Physical Contamination
  • Chemical Contamination
  • Microbial Contamination
  • Allergenic Contamination

Physical Contamination means that a physical object has gotten into the food product. This could be anything, but in this case, is a small piece of plastic. It is possible that more plastic has gotten into the food, either in the same size, larger or smaller pieces, which means there is a potential risk to those eating the food, especially with this food being meant for little ones who are just one year

Types of food contamination

The Booths Mince Pies Recall


Pack Size

Best Before

Batch code


Booths Mince Pies

4 pack

12 January 2019


Pieces of Plastic

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. To read Booth's own recall notice on the Food Standards Agency's website, click here. We could not find any information regarding the recall on Booths' own website...