Contamination Recall: E H Booths’ British Corned Beef

Contamination Recall:
E H Booths' British Corned Beef

E H Booths' British Corned Beef

E H Booths' British Corned Beef

EH Booths is recalling their British Corned Beef slices, because they may contain metal pieces, thus posing a severe safety risk.

Physical  Contamination

Physical Contamination means that a physical object has gotten into the food product. This could be anything, but in this case, are small pieces of metal. This means there is a serious risk to a person's health, if they were to eat, or attempt to eat, one of these pieces of glass,

Other E H Booths Recalls
This is not the first time that EH Booths has had to recall some of their products. Their last recall was also due to metal contamination. The month before that, they recalled two of their salads due to incorrect allergen information, and Mince Pies due to contamination with pieces of plastic. They had another allergen recall in October due to incorrect allergen information, and another one that same week, also due to incorrect allergen information.

E H Booths' British Corned Beef Recall


Pack Size

Use By


Booths British Corned Beef

100g, 3 slices

08 May 2019

Pieces of Metal

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. To see E H Booths# own recall notice on the FSA website, click here. As always for this company, there was no mention of the recall to be found on their own website...