Allergen Recall: Hovis Granary Bread Flour contains barley

Allergen Recall: Hovis Granary Bread Flour

Allergen Recall: Hovis Granary Bread Flour

Hovis Granary Bread Flour

Hovis Granary® Bread Flour

Hovis Granary Bread Flour, made by Premier Foods, is being recalled because it contains malted barley flour which is not mentioned on the label.

Barley contains gluten - and though the rest of the flour obviously also contains gluten, the law clearly states that it has to be mentioned.

It is also possible for people to have an allergy to barley.

Allergen Labelling

There is clear guidance on how allergens should be labeled, whether this is for foods sold already packaged, or sold loose. There is also clear guidance on how allergens should be presented for those serving food.

In the 'Food allergen labelling and information requirements under the EU Food, Technical Guidance', it clearly states:
"62. This specifies that mandatory information about the presence of the Annex II ingredients which cause allergies will need to be emphasised from the other ingredients within the ingredients lists by means of contrasting font, size, style or background colour. For example: ‘INGREDIENTS: Oatmeal, sunflower oil, prawn (crustacean)’.

Those with an allergy or intolerance to these allergens, may quickly skim over the ingredients list in order to see if any of the allergens they react to, are present. If they didn't, buying food would take a very long time for them... This may also be the case for those who buy or prepare food on their behalf; they may not realise that the food does contain those (potentially deadly) allergens

Premier Foods' Hovis Granary® Bread Flour Recall


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To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. To see Premier Foods' own recall notice on the FSA website, click here. Premier Foods also has a nice, clear sign on their home page, informing people about the recall!