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Allergen Recall: Choc Orange Chase Protein Bars

Allergen Recall: choc orange chase protein bars

Choc Orange Chase Protein Bar

Choc Orange Chase Protein Bars

Real Handful Ltd are recalling their Choc Orange Chase Protein Bars, as they may contain sesame seeds, which are not mentioned on the label.

The Law

Though by law, they do not have to mention 'may contain', if one of the bars does indeed contain sesame seeds, and that is then eaten by someone with a severe allergy to sesame, they could die from this. So by recalling these bars, the company is trying to make sure this does not happen.

How could this happen? These bars are obviously produced in a factory which also handles sesame seeds, and cross contamination could take place.

The Exact Recall of this Product


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Sesame Seeds

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. To see Real Handful Ltd's own recall notice on the FSA website, click here. We could not find any information on Read Handful's own website, nor on their social media profiles at the time of writing this post.