Allergen Recall: Big Al’s Chicken Dippers, Chunks and Goujons

Allergen Recall: Big Al’s Chicken Products

Allergen Recall: Big Al's Chicken Products

Big AL’s chicken products contain mustard and/or milk which are not declared on the labels.

Big Al's Chicken Products

Kepak Frozen Division is recalling Big Al's Chicken Dippers, Chicken Chunks and Chicken Goujons because they contain mustard and milk. These allergens are not declared on the ingredients list, causing a health risk to those with an allergy to mustard or milk.

Milk and Mustard

Having an allergy to milk or mustard means that the food you thought to be safe to eat, could potentially be deadly deadly, because the Chicken Products contain these two allergens, and a severe allergy can mean death to the consuming allergic person. Someone else who is preparing food for them, may not be aware of the potential danger either, because neither allergen is mentioned on the label.
In a worst case scenario, the allergic person could go into anaphylactic shock (also called anaphylaxis) - and if are not immediately treated, they could die from this.

So it is very important that these Big Al's Chicken Products are taken out of circulation.

The Big Al's Chicken Products Recall


Pack Size

Best Before


Big AL’s Chicken Dippers


Oct 2018


Big AL’s ChickenChunks


Nov 2018

Jan 2019

Feb 2019


Big AL’s Chicken Goujons


Dec 2018

Mustard, Milk

To read the Food Standards Agency's recall notice, click here. We could not find a recall notice on Big Al's own website...