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About Us

About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small, family run business, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 

I am the owner and trainer of Pochat Training, and my name is Ottilia Pochat.

I have been in education in one way or another since I was young (I'm still just over 21, mind you 😂).

I trained as a primary school teacher, specialised in teaching children with special educational needs, in the Netherlands. This meant that I spent four years learning to teach - we didn't learn about the subjects themselves, but focused on all other aspects of teaching. This included making one's own teaching materials in order to make the learning fun and engaging for the children. 

That, together with an international career, is what I bring to Pochat Training - the ability to make the learning fun, engaging, interactive and varied. And that also counts for health and safety training - there is absolutely no need for that to be boring!

Ottilia Pochat, owner and trainer at Pochat Training

The rest of the team:

  • My eldest son is a whizz at anything computers and computer security, and does invaluable work on the business
  • My middle son is a whizz at understanding systems, at creating spreadsheets and finding magical ways to make it do and tell you information as and when you need it. He also helps with finances, graphic design and marketing.
  • My youngest son helps with lots of those little things that need doing, and makes a brilliant trainer himself - he is the actor that comes and makes first aid experiences real on a three day First Aid at Work course, and he is also great when we teach children first aid!
  • As and when needed, we also call upon other experts in their fields to aid us with many essential tasks

Our Reviews


5.0 Rating


Emergency First Aid at Work

Really enjoyed this course and Ottilia's enthusiastic knowledgable presentation. Learned some great skills in a friendly group environment.


Emergency First Aid at Work

Highly recommended. I was a police officer for over 26 years and had regular first aid courses, they could be best described as minimum standard to simply tick a box. I am now a self employed therapist. This course with Ottilia was fantastic , great structure and presentation, went way above the normal training syllabus in my opinion, In depth training in a relaxed fun atmosphere I would highly recommend sending your employees to this trainer, they will come away more than capable of dealing with any emergency situation, of course self employed like myself will benefit greatly. Thank you once again for a wonderful course

Ian Mcclumpha

Training session

I attended a short training session today run by Ottilia on how to help save a choking person. It was very simple and practical and I don't think I'll forget what to do. Hopefully, I'll never need to use it but you never know. I'd recommend Ottilia if your company needs any kind of hands on first aid training

Matt Spivey

Emergency First Aid at Work

It's been very interesting and learned quite a lot


Emergency First Aid at Work

Very informative course


First Aid at Work Requalification Course

This was a very informative and hands on course. It was fun and interesting and held in a friendly and relaxed environment.
I now certainly feel confident enough to handle most first aid emergencies I'm likely to encounter.
Big thanks to Pochat Training.. Would recommend to anyone.

5 stars

Tony Jones


I attended a 4N meeting where Ottilia carried out a session on what to do if someone's choking. It was a practical session which she made fun and engaging, ensuring we learned exactly what we needed to.... I am really grateful for her session... thank you!


First Aid at Work Annual Refresher

Enjoyed once again. Many thanks.


Paediatric First Aid

Very well organised, clear and great resources. Thank you very much! I'm ready for action now!


First Aid Skills Practice Session

Excellent - great for my confidence


Google Reviews

5.0 Rating

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