Man with Autism and Epilepsy drowned at Kings Mill Reservoir

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Man with autism and epilepsy died at Kings Mill Reservoir

Majid Akhtar, who had autism and epilepsy, was taken for a trip to Kings Mill Reservoir by his support worker, Nikki Deaney. Nikki was his paid one to one support worker, and was supposed to have kept a close eye out on Majid.

But instead, she spent a significant amount of time on her mobile phone. This was why she lost sight of Majid, who was 28 but had a mental age of about 4. He subsequently drowned when he had an epileptic seizure around the time that he fell into the reservoir.

An investigation by both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Nottinghamshire Police found that the care worker had spent a significant amount of her time on her mobile, instead of giving her full attention to the vulnerable person she was supposed to be supporting. Of the 34 minutes she was with him, she spent 19 minutes on her phone, and also exchanged eight text messages.

Nikki Deaney worked for Springwood Day Centre in Nottingham. Majid's care plan clearly stated that he was "very vulnerable, with no concept of danger and needed one-to-one care at all times"

Nikky Deany was sentenced for a breach under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and been sentenced to 4 months imprisonment.

HSE inspector Stuart Pilkington said after the hearing: "This is a tragic case which was entirely preventable. It highlights the importance of maintaining focus when caring for vulnerable persons."

To read the original text by HSE, click here. There is also an earlier BBC article that covered the case back in 2015.