Allergen Recall: White Rabbit Creamy Candy

Allergen Recall: White Rabbit Creamy Candy contains milk

Interlink Direct Ltd is recalling their White Rabbit Creamy Candy because of incorrect allergen labeling - the allergen milk is not correctly declared on the label.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a Chinese brand of milk candy. The Chinese name is 大白兔奶糖, or Dàbáitù Nǎitáng in pinyin.

According to Wikipedia, White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a sticky, white candy, which has a soft, chewy texture and is similar in shape to nougat. Each candy has two wrappers. The first is printed waxed paper, followed by a thin, edible rice-paper wrapping. This second wrapping is meant to be eaten together with the candy. This rice paper wrapping also contains milk, as does the candy itself. White Rabbit Sweet Candies have been advertised in the past with the slogan "Seven White Rabbit candies is equivalent to one cup of milk" and positioned as a nutritional product in addition to being a sweet.

Of course, containing this much milk without that being clearly emphasised as per law, means that those with an allergy of or intolerance to milk or milk constituents might be put at risk, especially when given to them by someone else who's only perfunctorily scanned the label for allergens.

The recalled batch weighs 180 grams and has a Best Before Date of 21/2/2018.

Interlink Direct Ltd is an established oriental food and drinks importer and distribution company based in London. At the time of writing this acticle (14/04/2017), we could not find anything regarding this recall on their own website, though as always, there is a recall notice by them on the Food Standards Agency website, and the FSA themselves have their recall notice.