Food Safety Recall: Uncle Joe’s Liquorice & Aniseed Extra Strong Mints

Food Safety Recall: Uncle Joe's Liquorice & Aniseed Extra Strong Mints

Uncle Joe’s Liquorice & Aniseed Extra Strong Mints 35g tins are being recalled as the candies may contain small pieces of metal. They are made by William Santus & Co Ltd, an eighty year old company from Wigan, Lancashire, who manufacture cocoa and chocolate confectionery.

Though the Food Standard's Agency's article states that 'point of sale notices will be displayed on their website and in all retail stores that are selling this product', at the time of writing this (18/05/2017), we cannot find said notice on their website, despite a good search.

They seem to be selling a large range of sweets, many of which in a sugar free versions, like these Liquorice & Aniseed Extra Strong Mints.

The tins weigh 35 grams, and each contain 50 mints. The recall notice covers lot number TC16015, which have an expiry date of 30/06/2018. The notice also mentions that they are asking all customers to return them to William Santus & Co Ltd, The Toffee Works, Dorning Street, Wigan, WN1 1HE, and that they will replace the product and reimburse any postage costs.