Allergen Recall: KITKAT Original Milk Chocolate Bites Pouch Bag

Allergen Recall: KITKAT Original Milk Chocolate Bites Pouch Bag

Nestlé UK is recalling their KITKAT Original Milk Chocolate Bites Pouch Bag with the specific batch of
code 70720457V2 because the Pouch Bag is filled with Peanut Butter Bites instead of the Chocolate Bites.

Though there is a warning on the pack stating that it "may contain peanut and nuts", the allergens are not mentioned on the ingredients list itself.

As you can see from the ingredients lists below, KITKAT Chocolate Bites contain no actual nuts or peanuts, although there is a warning that they may contain them, because they are made in the same factory, and cross contamination can occur.

KITKAT Peanut Butter Bites clearly contain Roasted peanuts and Peanut flour, and has a warning that it may contain nuts.

The risks are that someone with a peanut allergy who has safely eaten a Chocolate Bite before will eat one, and suddenly finds they they have peanuts in their mouth - and peanut allergies can be deadly due to the high risk of anaphylactic shock.

those who serve food to others may take a look at the ingredient list, see they do not contain peanuts, and then proceed to serve them to someone with a peanut allergy. This could be a friend or family member, or someone running an event, restaurant, cafe etc.

The ONLY batch affected is 70720457V2 - this code can be found on the back of the wrapper, under the Best Before Date of 12.2017.

Nestle UK & Ireland Limited are urging anyone who have purchased this particular Pouch Bag of Original Milk Chocolate Bites to not eat them, but dispose of the contents, and to send the empty pack with their name and address to KITKAT Bites Recall, Freepost Consumer Services, Nestle UK Ltd, York. See their recall notice here.

For the Food Standards Agency's recall, click here.