Allergen Recall: Cofresh Cornflake Mix

Allergen Recall: Cofresh Cornflake Mix

Cofresh is recalling their Cornflake Mix snack bags due to a mix up during production. By mistake, Cofresh Salted Rice Sticks were packed in the Cofresh Cornflake Mix bags. However, the Salted Rice Sticks contain wheat flour, which is not mentioned on the Cornflake Mix label.

If you look at the image above, you can see the products and their packaging. The first image is of the Salted Rice Sticks, in the packaging they should be in. The second image shows the Cornflake Mix, in the correct packaging. The third image shows the Salted Rice Sticks in the Cornflake Mix bag.

The exact product affected and thus recalled is the one with the label of Cofresh Cornflake Mix, it has a pack size of 325 grams, and a batch code of L13/080, and a best before date of 16/12/2017.

With the product being in the incorrect packaging, this means that the ingredients list is not correct, and it does not show it contains the allergen wheat flour (gluten).

According to the Food Standards Agency, only ASDA and Morrisons stored this particular batch number, so if you have bought yours from either ASDA or Morrisons, and you have an allergy or intolerance to wheat or gluten, then do not consume this product. Also be aware that if you were to share the Rice Sticks with someone else who might be intolerant or allergic, with the wheat and gluten not mentioned on the package, this could affect their health and wellbeing.

The Point of Sale Notice by Cofresh themselves is shown below our 'back to buttons'.