Epilepsy and Focal Seizures

Epilepsy and Focal Seizures

Different areas of the brain (lobes) are responsible for controlling all of our movements, body functions, feelings or reactions. So, focal seizures can cause many different symptoms.

Focal Seizures from the Frontal Lobes affect decision making, problem solving, behaviour and emotions.

Those in the Occipital Lobes are related to vision, making people seeing things that are not there, or they can't see much, if anything at all. Their eyes can be painful, have uncontrollable eye movements or fluttering eyelids.

The Parietal Lobes affect sensory processing, language processing, the ability to write and do maths.

The Temporal Lobes are responsible for hearing, speech, memory, learning, emotions etc.

Electrical activity causing focal seizures can also spread through the rest of the brain, causing a generalised seizures. When this happens, the focal seizure acts as a warning or an 'aura'.

Read more about focal seizures on Epilepsy Action's Website and/or watch their YouTube video below.