CPR Adults, Children, Babies

Giving CPR to Adults, Children and Babies

How much force should we use when giving CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)? This will depend on the size and strength of the person giving the CPR and the person receiving the CPR.

Our aim is to get to a third of the depth of the casualty’s chest. In an adult, that is about 5 – 6 cm. Generally, this means that for an adult, one would use both hands and for a child one to two. Remember that babies are very fragile, so we only use 2 fingers.

For the purposes of First Aid, a baby or infant is 0 - 1 years old, a child 1 - puberty.

Click on the images below to watch videos that shows the difference between CPR on Adults (video on the left), Children and Babies (video on the right).